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12 February

Wallpaper – the stylish choice for your interior design

The last few years have seen a wallpaper renaissance. It never really went away but it’s fair to say that for a while there, wallpaper’s reputation was on the decline. There was a time when wallpaper was seen as old-fashioned, an inconvenience to be steamed and scraped off the walls to make way for other finishes. That time is no longer. Now wallpaper is back in vogue – appreciated for the touch of beauty and luxury it can bring to any home – and now there’s an amazing variety of designer wallpapers available to you.

But interior decorating fashions aside, when you’re looking at a renovation or decorating project, why should you go with wallpaper…?

Sheer variety

With paint, you can choose any shade you like, but with wallpaper, you have a huge variety of readymade colour combinations, patterns, and even pictures. Do you want a plain colour? A striking and instantly bold and modernistic design? A more delicate floral mood? Something inspired by modern art? The point is, you can have any of these and much, much more. The first and most obvious benefit of using wallpaper is the huge variety you have to choose from.

Instant texture

Not all wallpapers are flat. If you want to bring a little texture to a wall, add a touch of 3D, then there is no shortage of textured papers: embossed, imprinted, stamped, fabric, and metallic. Some papers are designed to be painted, giving the best of both worlds, a designer texture overlaid with the exact shade to suit your room and furnishings.

Be creative

The obvious thing to do with wallpaper is cover every wall in the room. And sometimes that looks great. But there are other creative options. Try covering just one wall with a textured paper as an accent or feature. Try doing just half the height of the wall with a vintage style wallpaper and placing a border around the top. Try using wallpaper to emphasise a fireplace or other structural feature. Sure, you can create similar effects with different-coloured paints but customising a room with wallpaper is often easier, more striking, and cheaper in the long run.

Liven up the space

It’s easy to picture the largest room or wall in your home covered in a dramatic paper, but what about the smaller canvases? The nooks, the hallways, the spots with not so much natural light, can all be livened up with the right choice of dramatic wallpaper.

Easy maintenance

It’s all about the right paper in the right place. Most wallpapers are wipe clean and handprints and other dirty marks are easily removed, What’s more, they won’t fade with repeated cleaning, unlike a coat of paint.


Once it’s on the wall, your wallpaper can last for years, often significantly longer than other coverings. One much-cited piece of researchwas carried out by Jim Hite for The Bell System and it suggests that wallpaper can last five times longer than paint, with vinyl paper being good for up to 15 years. This means that wallpaper – although usually costing a little more up front – is actually better value for money. Painted walls soon need touching up, and ideally need repainting every three years or so; your wallpaper (if you look after it) can last for much longer. Even ‘designer’ wallpaper becomes cost-effective when you look at it this way. That one-off, unique wallcovering becomes almost cheap when you consider that it will be bringing a touch of elegance and luxury to your home for the next decade or so.

Easy to change

Finally, when the mood takes you, when you feel the need for a change… wallpaper is easy to change. Most modern papers are designed to be simple to remove, especially if they’re put up correctly (and the wall surface properly prepared) in the first place. Simple.

For certain interior design effects, or just to make an impact, a good wallpaper is hard to beat. Increasingly favoured by designers, wallpaper brings both colour and texture to a space instantly. Wallpaper is once again a desirable option worldwide, and here at Coolum Tile & Stone Studio, that’s exactly where we source our wallpapers from: all over the world. No longer is wallpaper a cheap, cover-up-the-imperfections option; the choices available are simply stunning in their quality and variety. In fact, modern wallpaper is like dressing your room in a set of designer clothes. So why not give your favourite room a new ‘outfit’?