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As you might guess from our name, tiles were our first love and business: from classic ceramic to travertine and marble for your floors, porcelain tiles for both floor and walls, Moroccan tiles for a themed kitchen, tiny mosaic tiles for the bathroom, and even stone tiles surrounding the pool… you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Come down to Coolum Tile & Stone Studio and find your perfect tile. Rest assured we will make your search easy.



Stone is one of the most beautiful natural materials and can be the ideal style choice both inside and out. Our stone tiles – sandstone, marble, and travertine – can be used to either create an eye-catching indoor feature or subtly merge a home’s exterior with the landscape around it.

Granite also makes a stunning pool surround, instantly elevating the appearance of your pool area and patio. A practical and great-looking alternative is our range of Craftstone products: incredible detailed and natural-looking stone cladding for exterior walls.



The use of small tiles or pieces to create a larger design is one of the world’s oldest tiling methods. It looks so good, it’s not surprising that mosaic designs remain popular today.

Included in our extensive selection of mosaic tilesis beautiful glass from Bisazza and Trend Australasia. Whether you’re looking for extra texture across your bathroom wall or an elaborate design on the floor, we have the option to transform your surroundings.


Thanks to number of visionary designers, wallpaper is experiencing a renaissance. With innovative suppliers such as Catalonia’s Tres Tintas, any room in your home can become a real work of art.

At Coolum Tile & Stone Studio, we’ve sought out the best wallpaper styles on offer, from classic bygone European, to sharp modern Scandinavian, to designs that are truly out of this world.



Sometimes only something warm and soft underfoot will do, and at Coolum Tile & Stone Studio we complement our unbeatable range of tiles with a range of top quality carpet choices from the best manufacturers and imported sources.

Bathroom Products


Our array of bathroom vanity units offers a combination of style and practicality. Whether floor or wall-mounted, vanity units give you extra (and discreet) storage while also lifting the elegance of the whole room.

At Coolum Tile & Stone Studio, your complete design centre, our latest range of fittings and products includes a broad selection of bathroom vanities to choose from.


Shave Cabinets

The practical use of a shaving cabinet is to keep the clean and flowing lines of your bathroom design free of clutter, tucking all the bottles and paraphernalia away behind a smooth mirrored surface.

And of course, our shave cabinets are also beautifully designed items in their own right, contributing to your chosen style and aesthetic.



From opulent wall mirrors to a simple reflection for shaving purposes, every bathroom has a mirror of some type and usually more than one.

At Coolum Tile& Stone Studio, we have a broad selection of styles and shapes – ranging from decadent to functional – and the ideal reflection for your perfect bathroom is waiting in our showroom.


Freestanding Baths

A freestanding bath makes a very clear statement. Not tethered by walls or taps, the freestanding option allows the designer more freedom to produce a bolder stylistic result.

One look at our range and you’ll see that this is clearly the case; from elegant and understated minimalism to bold, sweeping lines, a freestanding bath is the heart and focal point of the bathroom.


Stone Baths

In a way, stone bath tubs are the ultimate in relaxing luxury, bringing a soothing natural feel into your home in the very room in which you just want to unwind.

With the right floor and wall tiles, a stone bath can transform your bathroom into a hidden hideaway, giving you that luxury spa atmosphere in your own home.



Often taken for granted, the basin is a key component of your bathroom’s aesthetic. After all, it’s possible that you’ll spend more time at your basin than at any other feature of your bathroom.

Our broad selection of carefully-sourced bathroom basins ensures that you’ll find the option you have in mind; recessed, bench-mounted, part of a vanity unit or just the classic pedestal, we have something for every design.



A dripping tap can ruin your exquisite bathroom design, which is why all our taps fully meet Australian standards for materials and design – we only stock the best, most reliable tapware on the market.

Our bathroom taps also combine efficient functionality with beautiful contemporary designs, providing the ideal finishing touches to our bath tubs and vanity units.



People often think of the bath as being the centrepiece of any bathroom design but your shower also makes a statement and is anything but an afterthought. Open or enclosed with a shower screen, framed or frameless, a shower can be either a bold or subtle addition.

With the right choice from our range of shower heads, taking a quick shower can feel like standing under a light spring drizzle, a tropical rainstorm, or anything in between. In fact, it can feel so good, that a quick shower might not be so quick after all.

Whichever option you choose, all our shower heads have clean, stylish lines and bring a touch of class to your ‘rain room’.



A once simple object, the common toilet now comes in many different shapes, sizes and installation options; common no longer! Close-coupled, wall-faced, or enclosed cisterns; straight edges, curved edges, from classically elegant to bold modern, the toilet is now a major part of your bathroom design choice.

Whatever style of bathroom you’re going for, Coolum Tile has a range of toilets to fit your suite of fittings.