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8 June

7 Reasons to Choose a Vinyl Floor  

You might be surprised to know that vinyl is fast becoming one of the most popular flooring choices in Australia. With the perfect combination of practicality and good looks, vinyl works well for the home, office, commercial premises. What’s more, whether tiles or loose lay planking, vinyl offers luxury quality but definitely not at luxury prices. Here are 7 reasons why vinyl may be exactly the right flooring choice for your project.

1. Simple Installation

One of vinyl’s key attractions is that it’s a reasonably quick and straightforward flooring to lay. As with all our flooring options, we recommend using a professional installer for the very best results and with vinyl, this is a very cost-effective choice with minimal preparation required. The key is to start with a clean and level surface and your installer will advise you what work, if any, is needed prior to installing a perfect floor.

2. Durability

As a hardwearing flooring option, vinyl is perfectly suited to both commercial environments and the high traffic areas of the home, such as kitchens and hallways, keeping its beautiful appearance even after years of wear. The best quality – i.e. most durable – vinyl includes solids in the ‘recipe’, making it denser, heavier, and more stable (the vinyl we stock at Coolum Tile & Stone Studio is one of the heaviest on the market).

white vinyl floor living room

3. Stability

Just like wooden flooring options, vinyl expands and contracts depending on the temperature. Some options will include fibreglass matting in the construction of the flooring, claiming that it improves stability. However, this cheap option is actually fairly ineffective. Much better is the choice of flooring that uses only virgin and not recycled vinyl in its make-up. Virgin vinyl reacts much less to changes in temperature.

4. Acoustic Properties

One potential worry with any ‘hard’ flooring option is sound; especially in apartment buildings (you don’t want your below neighbours to think you’re tap dancing!). Good quality vinyl has sound-deadening properties and the right option won’t even need an underlay. Naturally, the vinyl flooring we stock for you exceeds industry standards for high-rise residences but if you do require an acoustic underlay we can, of course, supply this as well.

5. A Wide Variety of Options

Being a manmade material, vinyl can be produced with a broad range of looks. Most loose lay planking is realistically embossed with a wood effect grain, giving the appearance of ‘traditional’ timber in a selection of colours: from pale soft woods to darker mahogany and even black and coloured options. If a wood look doesn’t fit your design, don’t worry. Vinyl tiles can mimic stone, limestone, gravel, sand and even antique silver, or rusty metal for a more industrial style.

6. Inexpensive

Vinyl can give you exactly the style of floor you want and definitely doesn’t break the bank in the process. Vinyl options typically cost less than timber or bamboo equivalents. In fact, vinyl is one of the most cost-effective floorings available.

7. Easy Maintenance

For many people, the real selling of vinyl flooring is the lack of maintenance needed. Sweep it, vacuum it, or mop it and… that’s it! There’s no special maintenance regime to keep your floor looking as good as the day it was laid – all you have to do is clean it.

Whatever the environment – home, office or retail – and whatever your design ideas, there’s a vinyl flooring for you. Stylish in appearance, hardwearing in use, economical in price; with vinyl, it’s hard to go wrong.

For more in-depth advice, visit the Coolum Tile & Stone Studio showroom at Quanda Park and talk to us, or contact us on 07 5446 2433 or ua.moc.sstmulooc@ofni