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18 March

Tiling – Inside/Out

Australians are renowned for our love of the outdoors and thankfully we’re spoilt with a climate that allows us to bring the outdoors into our homes.


With the use of natural stone, tiles and mosaic shapes, outdoor spaces such as decks, balconies and pool areas can now be an extension of the inside living area of any home.

There is a diverse range of porcelain tiles, originally manufactured with an indoor surface-finish, now available in an external equivalent, in the same size and colour. This is inspiring more homeowners and builders to extend tiled areas to the outdoors, allowing everyone to include decks and entertaining areas as part of the living space. Finished with a non-slip exterior, they provide a hard-wearing, easy to clean surface that’s available in a myriad of colours.


Statistics show that one in four Australian homes has a swimming pool, and as we know, pool surrounds are usually tiled. The products that have proven most popular include slip resistant porcelain, extruded ceramic tiles and a variety of natural stones, such as bluestone, exfoliated granite, travertine and sandstones, all of which are resistant to salt attack.

In addition, many pool exteriors are lined with ceramic mosaics, or for a superior effect, glass mosaics. The use of mosaics and murals can further enhance the appearance of extending the indoor living area outdoors; these can be created from a digital image, a CAD or even a free-hand drawing, for a more personal touch.


Some manufacturers are producing a range of 20mm thick porcelain tiles that can be used for a multitude of residential and commercial applications. Around the home, these can be used for garden beds or placed on the lawn to create a striking path or creative stepping stones.

The increasing number of homeowners installing outdoor kitchens is also another reminder of Australia’s love of outdoor living and al fresco dining.

Extending the indoors out allows us to end a busy week, relaxing around the BBQ, reclining at your outdoor setting, surrounded by natural stone bench tops, indoor tiles that extend outdoors to include the pool area and unique mosaics creating a luxurious, private haven.

Creative tiling: bringing the inside out.