Tiles were our first love which is why we named our business Coolum Tile and Stone Studio.

While there are plenty of other options when it comes to flooring, including vinyl, carpet and wood, tiles offer some big advantages, both in functionality and form.

5 Reasons We Love Tiles

1. DurabilityAlthough they won’t last forever, tiles do last a long time and should last a lifetime if they are properly installed. Of course, they vary in quality but good tiles are hard-wearing and will stand the test of time no matter how much foot traffic they endure. Wood floors are often beautiful but they simply don’t last as long, and will start to show signs of wear and tear as the years go by, particularly in high foot traffic areas.

2. Style
Tiles come in every shape and size and every colour range, from solid through to patterned. They can be designed to replicate the look of another material such as wood or stone, to blend in with your natural environment or to create a bold statement. No matter what your personal style is, there’s a tile to reflect it.

3. Versatility and Value
Tiles can be used on the floor and on the walls, both inside and out. No matter what area of the home you’re renovating, we can find a tile that will work well there. They also offer incredible value for money. Research from the Tile Council of North America has found that ceramic tiles including porcelain, mosaic tiles and even marble tiles, cost less per year than all other floor finishes over the life of a building. Vinyl and carpet cost slightly more due to their shorter life expectancy.

4. Environmentally Friendly
Many of our tiles are eco-friendly because they are created from sustainable or recycled materials. We can show you some amazing tiles made from silica sand, recycled glass or recycled ceramics. Naturally, their durability  also makes them an eco-friendly choice because they last so long which reduces the strain on our environment.

5. Health and Hygiene
Tiles are low maintenance and easy to clean by wiping or mopping so they make the perfect choice if you’d like to minimise germs or bacteria, or if allergies to dust mites or mould are a concern.

Want to find out more? Visit our new showroom and we’ll help you choose the perfect tile for your lifestyle.