Stone has been a traditional building material since the dawn of civilisation. Its classic look never gets old and its hardwearing nature means it will last for years.

Some of the most popular stone tiles are cast and molded from lightweight concrete and carefully selected natural stones, which recreates the look of natural stone. The results are so natural that they are easily mistaken for the real thing. These veneers and claddings are popular for house exteriors and feature walls, both inside and out, and come in a range of different textures and colours.

We only stock and sell stone veneer and cladding from the most reputable sources so you won’t be disappointed with the quality of these products.  Unlike real stone, which is hard to transport and install, our stone veneers and claddings are light-weight and easy to install. So you can enjoy the natural beauty and durability of stone without any of the drawbacks.

Looking for natural stone?

If you’d prefer the look of natural stone, we can help you with that too.

If you’re considering it as a flooring material, there are plenty of good options including interlocking tile pavers created from real stone. These pavers are easy to install and provide a quick way to update any living area with the crazy paving look.

Other natural stone flooring and walling options include:

  • Travertine – A form of limestone which is naturally deposited by mineral springs. Travertine tends to come in lighter colours, from off white to coral red, and is peppered with small holes and cracks that create a unique finish. You can choose to use grout to fill in the gaps and create a smooth finish or leave it as is for that weathered look. Some travertine products also come with the gaps already smoothed out.
  • Slate tiles with a dark grey finish.
  • Stone panels made from natural materials including slate, granite and quartz.
  • Stacked stone – Built from natural stone, stacked stones can be used to build pillars, feature walls, water features or retaining walls.
  • Pebble Mix – Used mainly for outdoor flooring, paths and driveways this easy to clean product adds a decorative finish to any concrete surface.

We stock a range of stone wall and flooring samples in our showroom so you can hold and feel a sample board or even take it home with you to help you visualise the finished look.

So if you’re overwhelmed by choice come to see us at our showroom and we’ll make it easy for you.