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9 May

Keep your pool safe for children and looking good.

With the Queensland weather continuing the tradition of ‘beautiful one day, perfect the next’, there is no better time to take advantage of this wealth of sunshine than in the pool. While all your clients will understand the many benefits of owning a pool especially during the warmer months are many, the biggest thing that must be considered is safety.

The state laws have been updated to ensure that adequate fencing is around all pool areas and with child safety around a pool of primary concern, owners are recommended to always understand their responsibilities as a pool owner and seek advice on improving their pool security.

When it comes to the design and practicality of owning or supplying a pool there are some things that are often forgotten. Queensland company Skimmer Lids Pty Ltd are showing the benefits of hidden safety.


As the name suggests, Skimmer Lids are focused on the section of a pool called the ‘skimmer’. In most inground pools and spas the skimmer sucks the water out of the pool/spa and back to the filter. The problem though is this are not only quite unsightly in an otherwise stunning pool design but are also easily accessible for hands and arms, making it a dangerous suction place in the pool.

There have been cases reported of children and adults being severely injured by suction entrapment because of exposed or faulty skimmer covers. Thankfully when creating this new product that Skimmer Lids Pty has patented in the pool skimmer box parts market, the looks and safety were definitely considered.

Already meeting with rave reviews especially amongst the stylish waterfront homes of the Gold Coast, the product solves an obvious gap in the market with a skimmer lid that is safe, affordable and stylish. This amazing product removes the need to keep getting a tiler back to cut another piece of stone and put a hole in it when the skimmer box lids keep cracking or break outright. This can become a serious and costly problem.

Prior to the QUAD Skimmer Lid even with a plethora of swimming pools, no pool shops or tile outlets could supply an effective alternative to a standard skimmer lid. This is the main reason that the QUAD Skimmer Lid is so popular.

The design of this product takes into consideration that many pool owners have their skimmer box in a highly visible spot so not only was it in a high traffic area constantly being stepped on making it unsafe but it also diminishes the overall look and design of the pool area. With a flush finish, this nice looking lid is durable enough that the children could walk on without tripping looks incredible and discreet and most important is tough enough to last.

The Australian designed, registered and patented skimmer lid system allows everyone to have good-looking paving around their pool. It is durable, looks good and complies with the safety requirements in the AS1926.3-2010 Swimming Pool Safety – Water Recirculation Systems that has requirements for skimmer lids in relation to safety and ventilation and was developed in response to some serious and in some cases fatal accidents that resulted from skimmer lids that children had opened.

I love how the skimmer box lid disappears into my pool surrounds”

This has been the response from so many customers who truly were unaware such an attractive and simple solution was available to what had been an ongoing problem.

Old style skimmer box covers are not heavy enough to be child proof and usually have no long-term durability. The QUAD designed and patented in Australia skimmer lid offers a flush finished, paving matched surface with minimal clearances so the lid virtually disappears. This ensures that the skimmer lid doesn’t detract from the pool’s good looks.

The QUAD skimmer box lid is comprised of a stainless steel tray that has a matched pool paving stone infill. The tray supports the stone and protects it from chipping and cracking. As well as inconspicuous and attractive, the Quad Skimmer Ltd is made with an infill from your selected paving and is supported by the 2mm thick 316 marine grade stainless steel tray meaning that possible breakage is also minimised.

The dimensions of the QUAD tray are 336 x 336mm. Porcelain, ceramic tiles or natural stone can be used as an infill. The thickness of the selected pool surround will predetermine which of the four tray depths is required. Unlike the old style custom pool skimmer cover solutions there will no longer be any concern about whether the stone pool tile is still available if it breaks, cracks or chips because the stainless steel tray of the QUAD skimmer lid protects the stone infill.

There is also a heavy-duty stainless steel key to allow easy, controlled removal of the lid. This key should be kept out of reach of children so they cannot access the skimmer box. This keyed access meets the above Australian Standard required for skimmer box lid certification. The QUAD Key is required for lid removal. This meets the Australian Standard AS 1926.3-2010 Swimming Pool Safety – Water Recirculation Systems required for skimmer box lid certification. The keyway that is cut into the paving material also provides the required ventilation and is therefore not a trip hazard.

The QUAD Skimmer Lid ticks all the right boxes:

  • Inconspicuous and attractive with a seamless flush finish that means the lid virtually disappears;
  • Designed to conform to all Australian standards;
  • Child proof with no weight requirements keeping children out of the skimmer box and away from danger;
  • Solid five sided marine grade 316 stainless steel tray that minimises breakages and cracks;
  • Solid polished stainless steel key for easy removal of lid.

Client feed back on the QUAD Skimmer Lid led to development being taken further and some changes were made to improve this already tremendous design with the launch of the fantastic new 10mm Porcelain or Ceramic skimmer lid.

The QUAD Skimmer Lid Model 336-10 is suitable for 10mm and 12mm tiles and similar to the original design the stainless steel tray supports and protects the side and bottom of the tile.

The idea of this design is practicality and of course tasteful design in keeping with the overall look of any pool and outdoor area because as we all know there is nothing worse than something that is functional but unsightly in its aesthetics.

outside pool tiles with tile lid

Another welcome addition to the QUAD range is the QUAD Skimmer Lid Recess Frame. The beauty of this product is that is makes installing the QUAD lid that much easier and thankfully protects the surrounding tiles from chipping.

When designing the complete Skimmers Lids range it was taken into consideration that often people would be working within pool areas that were established so it was necessary to take care and not ruin the original design. The QUAD Skimmer Lid Recess Frame provides tight and accurate clearances and will suit even the most discerning homeowners because the frame ensures a flush finish to the paving.

The QUAD Skimmer Lid is also suitable for use with the 10mm, 20mm & 30mm QUAD Skimmer Lids. The whole Skimmer range is something that is immensely successful and adds the extra touch of perfection to any backyard oasis.

To find out more, visit our Skimmer Lids product page.