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26 May

Bamboo flooring: your environmentally friendly option

If you want to bring natural warmth into a room, a wooden floor has long been a popular option. But there is a more economical, greener alternative: bamboo flooring!

A bamboo floor can be just as hardwearing as timber. However, not all bamboo floors are created equal. Here’s a quick guide to the key features of this beautiful flooring option.

Bamboo Flooring Construction

As with any natural flooring in a tropical or subtropical climate, stability is important. Temperature and humidity changes throughout the day can affect the flooring so a strand woven construction bamboo flooring is better suited to our Queensland climate. This method involves taking the bamboo fibres and weaving them into an adhesive base before putting the whole mass under extreme pressure to create a dense, hard plank. Plank thickness can vary and here in Australia, it’s important to buy bamboo planks at least 14mm thick; anything less risks significant warping in our climate.

The most sustainably sourced flooring

When it’s on your floor, it’s easy to forget that bamboo isn’t a tree, it’s grass. And one big difference between trees and grass is how fast they grow. The bamboo plant reaches full maturity in just 3-5 years, compared to 20 years or more for the average hardwood tree. This means that bamboo can be harvested more often and with potentially less impact on the environment, being more rapidly replaceable.

This makes bamboo a very green and eco-friendly flooring option. Especially if your planks come from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved sources – as ours do – which guarantees it has been sustainably grown in line with international environmental standards.

bamboo flooring light gold finish

An incredibly durable option

When it comes to hardness, bamboo flooring has few, if any, equals. A natural bamboo floor can be as hard as oak. However, as mentioned above, we stock bamboo flooring that uses a strand woven construction. Not only does this process give the flooring a more wood-like grain appearance, it also increases the hardness – and therefore the lifespan – dramatically. Strand woven bamboo flooring is more than three times harder than natural bamboo, making it much more resistant to scratches, chips and dents.

Easy to install & maintain

Bamboo flooring planks are usually engineered with some variation of tongue & groove shaping to make them easy to lay. For an even better result, look for flooring with a Uniclic® profile. These planks ‘click’ into place, the interlocking joints giving the tightest fit between the pieces and the result is a smooth, practically seamless floor.

bamboo flooring dark finish environmentally friendly

As for keeping your floor in the best possible condition, just sweep or vacuum it regularly and use a damp mop occasionally. Simple.

Compared to other hard floor options, bamboo is becoming very fashionable, thanks to its reasonable price, eco credentials and of course, its own attractive elegance. For more in-depth advice, visit the Coolum Tile & Stone Studio showroom at Quanda Park and talk to us, or contact us on 07 5446 2433 or ua.moc.sstmulooc@ofni