We are the ideal destination for anyone who wants to be inspired, find quality products and expert knowledge.

Home owner

When you are building a new home or renovating an old one, you want it to be as individual as you are and that’s where Coolum Tile & Stone Studio will help. Whether your current project needs a beautiful floor, new window furnishings, designer wall coverings, or a whole new bathroom, our showroom is waiting.

Every home is unique and perhaps you have a clear picture in mind of how yours will look. However, if you’d like some expert help, we can also offer interior design services at our Quanda Park premises. We have professional designers who can guide you to the options in our amazing range of products to give you the style and ambience you’re looking for.


Our showroom is always available for you and your clients to meet and relax with a coffee. At the same time you have an unrivalled product portfolio at your fingertips.

We know that your clients are becoming more and more demanding. These days, if you’re in the business of construction, you have to be able to source the very best quality at reasonable prices, and if the product is unique then so much the better.

At Coolum Tile& Stone Studio, we have a wide range of bathroom, tile, wall and window products available. Whatever style you need – from nostalgically traditional to ultra-modern – we have the perfect choice to enhance the home or building you’re working on.

Architect / Designer

Your client wants a unique design and in order to deliver what the client wants, you need to have an unrivalled product portfolio at your fingertips.

Why not meet your client at Coolum Tile and Stone Studio. Our product range is at the leading edge of what the market has to offer and we serve great coffee as well!

From Moroccan tiles to bathroom vanities to designer wallpaper, we source the highest quality products from all over the world, whether it’s wall coverings from Barcelona or timber mosaics and panels made from recycled hardwood, we always have something a little out of the ordinary. We’re confident that not only do we have exactly what your client needs but also that our products will inspire your designs.

Absentee Owner

Whether you are improving your investment property or your home renovation project is just so big you’ve moved out until it’s completed, sometimes you’re not on site while work is being done. Not only can Coolum Tile & Stone Studio offer you the most beautiful materials, we can also liaise direct with the people you’ve commissioned to do the work in your absence.

Once your selections are made, you can leave the rest to us for a seamless, hassle-free service – what could be better than a beautiful home plus peace of mind?